How Much Should You Pay For
A Good Replacement Vinyl Window?

$189? Hardly.
What Sounds Like A Great Deal Is Indeed “Too Good To Be True.”
$600+? Save Your Money. That’s Too Much For Vinyl.

The Right Answer Is About $350, Installed.

Let’s face it. If a company offers replacement vinyl windows for under $200, they’re likely using what industry insiders call “investment grade” windows. These windows are often used for cheap rental properties. On a scale of 1 to 10, these windows will be lucky to hit a 2 or 3 in energy efficiency, functionality, and durability.

And if a company wants to charge you $600 or more, run away… fast. The only reason you should EVER pay that much for a window is if you need custom-matched colors or wood windows for a custom home. The truth is that a $700 vinyl window is going to rate a solid 9 or 10 in energy efficiency—same as a window that costs half as much!

We install Alside vinyl replacement windows because they’re the perfect combination of energy efficiency, looks, functionality, and cost. These windows will cost you about $350 installed—the window “sweet spot” in terms of pricing. You get superior quality windows that meet or exceed Energy Star requirements—without paying more than you should.

Why Our Windows Are Superior In Energy Efficiency.

U-Factor measures the rate of heat loss between 0 and 1. The lower the number, the better the window’s insulation properties. A well-insulated window is going to keep your home a comfortable temperature year round, while cutting your energy costs.

Northern Missouri residents want a window with a U-Factor that’s 0.32 or less, while Southern Missouri homeowners need a window with a U-Factor of 0.35 or less. All of the windows we install have a U-Factor of 0.29 or less—well exceeding the state requirements for energy efficiency. According to an Energy Star savings report, Kansas City area homeowners can save anywhere from $120 to $303 on their energy bills per year by installing energy-efficient windows.

All of the windows we install feature insulating, low emissivity (Low-E) glass with a warm edge spacer to optimize the balance between radiant heat loss, passive solar heat gain and visible light transmittance. This creates an additional layer of insulation that reduces the transmittance of heat and cold, but not light.

But A Window Is Only As Good As The Contractor That Installs It.

We’re meticulous, exacting perfectionists… and we don’t consider a job done until everything little detail is flawless. Every window has to pass our 24-point final inspection before we even think about collecting the check. All of our windows are backed by a 24-year labor warranty that covers every problem or defect… at NO charge to you.

Corner cutting? At Two Four Exteriors, that’s not even in our vocabulary.

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