How “Two Four” Started As My Nickname…

And Became An Absolute, Iron-Clad Promise
Of Complete Customer Satisfaction.

I’ve been in the construction business since I was 17, when I got my start at a roofing supply company. I’ve been in this industry long enough to see some things that truly make my blood boil. I’m talking about companies that treat customers like dollar signs, cut corners on projects, and use substandard materials. These companies don’t care if the customer is upset… as long as they collect the check, that’s all that matters.

I vowed if I opened my own company, things would be different. The goal would be to do the job right the first time, every time. (And if on a rare occasion the goal wasn’t met, the problem would be fixed quickly and without a stream of excuses.) A company that’s hell-bent on making customers not just the #1 priority… but the ONLY priority. A company that provides homeowners with the best SOLUTIONS—not just whatever the most expensive options are.

And That’s How “Two Four”
Became More Than My Old Nickname…

The number 24 has been with me since I raced motorcycles in the 1990s. My buddies’ nickname for me was “TWO FOUR” because that was my racing number. So when I decided to start my own remodeling company, the number 24 got stuck in my head. I thought, “How can I use this number to convey to my customers that I’m different than other contractors… that I care more?”

After a lot of brainstorming, I finally figured it out. The number 24 wouldn’t just be a simple gimmick or nickname. It would be a promise—an unbreakable vow I take before starting every one of my customer’s projects. A promise that states the following:

  • All projects go through ME, the owner. I am on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if you experience ANY problem with your project. My personal phone number is (816) 215-0320. Feel free to call me anytime—day or night, on the weekends, during the holidays. My ONLY priority is your satisfaction.
  • I personally perform a 24 final point inspection to ensure your project is done completely, 1,000% perfect the first time. I’m OCD when it comes to details. I go every inch of your project to ensure it’s done right. In fact, I will refuse to accept a dime from you until you’re completely, utterly satisfied with my work.
  • I back up my work on your project with an unrestricted, 24–year labor warranty—always at a charge of $0.00 to you. It covers every problem, every defect, every dilemma. Guaranteed.
  • You will have a total peace of mind 24 hours a day knowing your remodeling project is in the best of care. End of story. I CANNOT stress enough how much customer service and doing the job right mean to me.

I Run My Business Where Profits Take A Backseat To PEOPLE. I treat my customers AND my workers with the utmost respect. If that sounds like a company you’d like to handle your next project, contact us today for a free, no-pressure, no-obligation estimate and consultation. I’d be honored to have the chance to earn your business.


Jon Lindsay