Our Exclusive Remodeling Software
Takes The “Guess, Mess, And Stress”
Out Of Your Remodeling Project.

Our Software Updates In Real Time, So We Have 24-Hour Access
To All Of Your Project’s Details,

  • Precisely What’s To Be Done
  • Exactly When It Will Be Done
  • And How Much It Will Cost… Down To The Penny.

My insistence on perfection is why I created my own software that eliminates the hassles and headaches usually associated with remodeling by keeping your project on-time and on-budget. Let me explain how it works…

You Don’t Come To Our Office…Our Office Comes To YOU.

When we come to your home to perform an inspection or a remodel, we bring our office with us.

Every one of our trucks has a computer with print and fax capabilities, and access to your project’s webpage.

You’ll never hear us say “Let me go back to my office and check.” We bring EVERYTHING with us to provide you with lightning-fast estimates and instant answers to your questions.

Complete Access To Every Facet Of Your Project… As It Happens In Real Time.

Once we begin the project, I will give you a link to your project’s own private webpage. This webpage will include photos of every detail of your remodel.

You will have 24-hour access to estimate stage, production and final inspection photos, (I take hundreds of pictures before, during, and after the project), completion dates, invoices, the products to be installed, and more.

Think of it like the file your doctor keeps when you go in for a checkup. But, unlike your doctor’s, YOU have access to the information.

No other remodeler in the country—let alone the Kansas City area—can offer you the same access, details, comprehensive look at your project while it’s in progress. This completely eliminates the stress and uncertainty that usually accompanies a home-remodeling project.

You’ll have an instant peace of mind because you’ll know EXACTLY what’s being done on specific days, when your project will be completed, and how long it will take.

My Process Makes Labor-Warranty Issues Obsolete.

I will have access to exactly what materials are installed in your home. So even if you have a problem 20 years down the line, I can quickly pull up your project’s file, look at the photos while I’m on the phone with you, and know precisely where your problem is. I can then easily fix the problem the first time I come to your home.

Our software also has a timer system starts the second you call our office, so we can ensure a quick, quality service. Each and every one of our employees has strict standards that he is required to follow:

  • 24 hour turnaround on all estimates.
  • 24 point inspection of all trades estimated.
  • Production completed with 24 days of signed contract.
  • 24 point final inspection completed within 24 hours of completion.
  • 24 hour return on all warranty issues.

These Services Are At NO EXTRA COST To You.

We use this system as a means to an end, so we can make sure your project is on-schedule, within your budget, and is done completely right the first time.

Think of it as just another advantage of hiring Two Four Exteriors for your exterior remodeling project.

Our software includes photos, project updates, invoices, and more. Think of it as your project’s own personal diary.

Our software gives you daily updates on the status of your project, so you know EXACTLY how far along your remodel is at every stage.

Trust the Kansas City Home Improvement Professionals!

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