6 Things To Know Before
Hiring A Roofing Contractor.

Not All Companies Are Created Equal.
Some Cut Corners On Your Project… Some Aren’t Licensed…
Others Use Substandard Materials.

Here’s What You Need To Know.

Certain roofing companies in the Kansas City area don’t always do things the right way. They’d rather make the most profits in the quickest time possible—with NO regard for the work they do.

Consider this: Contractor complaints and lawsuits have risen to 758% in the last few years. That should tell you everything you know about how dangerous—and costly—it can be not perform your due diligence on a roofing contractor before hiring them.

1. Watch Out For Companies That Require An Upfront Deposit.

We’re not saying all roofing companies who require money upfront are shady. In fact, many require at least a 50% deposit before they take one step onto your roof. Some require up to 70%.

But more often than not, roofing companies that require upfront money need your money to pay for the materials and workers they used on their LAST job. This probably means the company is unstable and constantly hard-up for cash. This is NOT a company you want working on your roof.

Think about this:

You’re paying your hard-earned dollars to someone who hasn’t done one second of work for you. When’s the last time you did that? You sure as heck don’t pay your mechanic upfront. What about your doctor? Don’t think so.

So why should a roofing contractor think he deserves special treatment?

How We’re Different

We don’t need you to foot our bills. We don’t ask you to pay us a single penny until we complete your project and you’re 100% satisfied. Our main goal is ensure you’re completely, unequivocally happy with the work we do. Profits come second.

2. Companies That Promise A Quick Job.

Beware of roofing companies that promise to do the job fast. Odds are, they just want to get your roof done as quickly as possible, so they can take your money and move to the next job.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with promising a speedy job—if they can get it done fast AND right, that’s great. But if speed is the company’s main selling point, watch out, because they’re probably cutting corners on your roofing project. That means you’re paying for shoddy, second-rate work that will cost you thousands of unnecessary dollars to repair just months down the line.

How We’re Different

We ALWAYS complete a project on time. ALWAYS. But we will never sacrifice quality for speed. We’re meticulous, exacting perfectionists. We’re more concerned with getting the job done right than getting it done quickly. That’s why we are always there for you—24 hours a day, 7 days a week—if you need ANYTHING.

3. Companies With Unqualified, Unskilled Installers.

Many contractors will simply hire day laborers they can get at the cheapest price. You can bet your last dollar these guys are NOT certified, NOT trained, and don’t know the first thing about roofing. And the odds that these companies follow standard safety and manufacturer protocols are slim, since they place profits on a higher pedestal than quality.

How We’re Different

We’ve used the same tight-knit group of installers for over 10 years. Our craftsmen function like a well-oiled machine, and come to every job organized, prepared, and knowing exactly what his role is. We strictly adhered to manufacturer specifications and procedures to ensure superior-quality installation. Simply put, we have the most experienced, highest skilled roof artisans in the Kansas City area. Period.

4. Companies That Use High-Pressure Sales Tactics.

A lot of companies will try to force you to say “yes” to them as soon as the first sales meeting is over. They usually sit on your sofa and conduct 3-hour arm-twisting sessions to get you to buy as much as possible. And trust us&mdahs;they will NOT take “no” for an answer.

How We’re Different

Our “sales meetings”—if you can even call them that—last 30 minutes… max. That’s because we don’t believe in sales pressure. We take inspect your project area and tell you PRECISELY what you need and EXACTLY how much it’s going to cost right then and there. No up-selling. No hidden charges. No games. No gimmicks.

5. Companies With 1 Or 2 Year Warranties.

Some roofing companies offer short one- or two-year warranties, so they can get out of doing extra work down the road. And these companies usually don’t want you to know what’s really covered in your meager 1 or 2 year warranty. That’s because these warranties usually include fine print, loopholes, and exclusions galore.

How We’re Different

We offer an all-inclusive 24-year Labor Warranty on our roof installation. It covers absolutely every problem, no matter how big or small. Always at a charge of $0.00 to you.

6. Companies With Low Prices As Their Main Selling Point.

A roofing company that touts low prices as its main selling point usually has nothing else going for it. Notice how they don’t talk about their workmanship, materials, or customer service.

Sure, you can occasionally find caviar at Spam prices—about one time out of 10,000.

But more often, you get what you pay for. And if you’re paying pennies, expect that to reflect in the quality of the work and the materials that are used.

How We’re Different

We are competitively priced because we keep our overhead low and run our business with the CUSTOMER in mind. We use superior products and craftsmanship because anything less than perfection is unacceptable to us. Bottom line: We can offer you better quality… at better prices.

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